Other than a brief two year sojourn to Ottawa to pursue my legal education, I have always lived and worked in the Greater Toronto Area. When not working (which is almost never) I do have a few interests outside the practice of law.

I have always had a particular interest in high speed, and I have the speeding tickets to prove it! My father used to take my brother and I go-karting, but the most exciting part was always the drive to and from the go-kart track - clearly my Dad enjoyed “life in the fast lane”. Since “the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree”, many of my extracurricular interests have had a “velocity” theme (go-carting, sky diving, jet skiing and open wheel racing).

I also truly enjoy the physical and mental exercise that I get from my practice of Shotokan Karate. I am a member of the Northern Karate School dojo in Woodbridge. While my penchant for all things fast hasn’t quite manifested itself in my karate skills - I keep trying.

At 21, I met Dottie, the girl of my dreams. Two years later my most successful negotiation concluded as Dottie relented and agreed to marry me. Today, Dottie and I live in Nobleton (a small town just north of Toronto) with our three boys. The boys and I enjoy spending summer weekends on the lake at our cottage in Muskoka – Dottie enjoys the peace and quiet she gets at the cottage when “the four guys” are out of her hair.

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