I am a native of St. Thomas, Ontario, a small town south of London once known as the railway capital of Canada and the place where the famous JUMBO of Barnum and Bailey Circus met her demise. I moved to Toronto in the 1980’s to attend college and begin my career. I have had the pleasure of working with some of the finest law firms on Bay Street and I am privileged to count many, many friends in those office towers. In the 1990’s I moved my family to beautiful Oakville where we enjoy hiking and biking on the trails, boating and fishing on Lake Ontario and strolling past the lovely downtown Oakville shops.

I enjoy participating in the sport of archery. As a teenager, I was an accomplished competitor in the Ontario Summer Games and member of the Ontario Team in the Canada Summer Games. I travelled from the Maritimes to the great west coast shooting arrows and, of course, losing a few along the way. I am an active member of the Archers of Caledon. Although competition is no longer my forte, I still enjoy the camaraderie of a weekend shoot.

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